WE CARE FOR LIFE ... This is at the core of our company's existence with focus on God's purpose for us in life. We believe primarily in our responsibility to our customers, employees and principals in meeting their needs with the highest standard and love for excellence beyond expectations. Our mission statement guides our actions in fulfilling our vision for a better, happy, meaningful life in this world.

We care for our CUSTOMERS ... From the small to large hospital institutions, medical practitioners, patients, their families and all others who use the products we sell. We remain committed in reducing our costs to maintain low prices of healthcare supplies without sacrificing our Principals' opportunity to realize a fair return on investment. Orders are serviced accurately and delivered promptly.

We care for our EMPLOYEES ... We are responsible for the men and women who work with us in a family oriented, safe, orderly and clean environment.
Every individual is to be treated with respect and dignity, rewarded for their merit and compensated adequately. It is our duty to make our employees secure in their jobs and confident to fulfill their family responsibilities. We are to provide them with equal opportunities for advancement and development, give them a sense of belonging and the ability to work freely without being censored to express their views and opinions.

We care for our PRINCIPALS ... For trusting, believing and supporting our partnership. It is our responsibility to make sound business profit for our foreign suppliers, carry out marketing and sales strategies, product launching and innovative programs in the hospitals to increase product acceptance and awareness among medical doctors, nurses and patients.

We care for our NATION ... We are to be good, responsible citizens in our communities, supporting social work and charities, encouraging civic works, better health programs and quality education for our less fortunate brothers and sisters in our society. We are to bear our full share of taxes, protect our environment and natural resources.